LoanCart offers you Invoice finance – the fastest means to meet your short term working capital requirements and optimising your working capital cycle. Invoice finance is the money you raise by discounting the invoices raised by you on your customers .

Generally customers do not pay you immediately after the supplies are made to them, the payment may come after quite sometime which may create a financial gap and restrict your business.

This is where LoanCart can help you by arranging invoice finance for you.

Here you (the supplier) submits approved invoices for discounting ,so instead of getting payment from the customer after a long period of time you get immediate payment after deducting the interest charges. Your customers pay the entire invoice amount to the financier at the end of the discounting period.

The rates for invoice finance are dependent on the credit rating of the supplier as well the customers to whom the supply is made. Invoice discounting  is usually done for a period of 30 days to 120 days.

LoanCart offers you invoice discounting at very attractive rates so you can optimise your working capital cycle.

Don’t restrict your business growth due to money constraints, connect with us now to avail Invoice finance and unlock your own money today :



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